Pournami Pooja/ Homam

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Pournami Pooja / Homam

Its a well know fact that the waxing and waning of the moon has a greater impact on the human activities, both Psychologically and Physiologically. Our forefathers having understood this scientifical phenomenon has devised which kind of activities should be carried out on particular days of the lunar cycle. They differentiated the lunar cycle into different phases – new moon, full moon, waxing and waning.

The new moon day became significant for worship of the forefathers, performing the death rights of the forefathers and Many family deities worship (kula deivam) will be carried out on that day.

Where as the FULL MOON day was specially revered for the worship of Most powerful gods and goddess. Our forefathers strongly believed that conducting and taking part in pournami poojas and homams at temple on FULL MOON days has greater impact on humans, by calming their mind out of anxiety, curing the Psychological and physiological diseases and they believed that FULL MOON day worship will greatly please the god and goddess, and will gain them a place in Heaven.

At Srikandi Natham Nagathamman Temple, On Every FULL MOON day the Pournami pooja/ homam is conducted in the name of PARVAM. The devotees testimonials strongly states that regularly taking part in Srikandi Natham Nagathamman temple’s Pournami Homam have relieved them out of stress, incurable diseases, cured their infertility problems. The Pournami Parvam is also celebrated every month by the devotees of the Arulvakku Nagathamman as the thanksgiving day for protecting them against evil and diseases through Arulvakku / oracles.

On the FULL MOON DAY of every month around 7 pm, Infront of the Sanctum sanctorum of the Srikandi Nagathamman Temple, A homa Kundam will be freshly made and 108 varieties of Homa items such as ghee, honey, variuos kinds of fruits, fragrant flowers, Nava dhanyas, silk saree, coins, etc will be used in the Homa pooja. The spiritual chanting of mantras during the Homam greatly pleases the goddess Nagathamman and she blesses the devotees gathered inform of the divine holy fire. The essence of which is captured and gathered in the kalasa Kundalas and these divine waters is sprinkled on the gathered devotees.

The oracle goddess (Arulvakku Amma) then distribute the flowers, Kumkum and Manjal prasadams to the gathered devotees. The people suffering from incurable diseases and infertility will be given a special concoction by Arulvakku Amma to cure the diseases and infertility problems. After which food is served to all those have gathered at temple.

We kindly request the people suffering from incurable disease and infertility problems to take part in the Pournami Parvam Of Srikandi Natham Nagathamman Temple to experience the miraculous cure and blessing of the Arulvakku Nagathamman.

Take Part In Pournami Homam/ Pooja

To know more details and Take part in Pournami Pooja/ Homam kindly send us a mail to trust@nagathamman.org.

Arulvakku / Oracles Details

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